Don’t wait for “group buying” sites to deliver real estate savings, propose your own!

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Like nearly anything online, there are “do-it-yourself” options for anyone in the real estate industry – broker, lender, seller, or product / service vendor — to create and manage their own group offers. After looking briefly at other solutions, The Real Estate Cafe has begun experimenting with and hope that deal syndication platform will deliver significant advantages including but not limited to the following:

1.  Smaller processing fees so we can retain a larger share of the revenue collected and offer larger discounts to homebuyers and sellers (FSBOs or “for sale by owners”):

2.  Ability to create, deliver and even edit / extend deals in “Real time” (as suggested in the idea starter we tried to seed at REBarCamp Boston);

3.  Ability to offer a variety of offers at the same time;

4.  Ability to select / share deals created by other money-saving innovators, locally or nationally, syndicated through Chompon;

We are actively seeking deal syndication partners in five broad categories: sellers, lenders, real estate brokers, and product and service vendors to co-create and aggregate money-saving offers through locally-initiated homebuyer / homesavings clubs.

Beyond what any single company or organization might offer, or any group buying site might prepackage, there are also new tools in the marketplace that will empower consumers to self-aggregate and negotiate price concessions from vendors and professionals inside and outside the real estate industry.  That’s why some are calling sites like a “reverse-groupon” model.  

But DIY homebuyers don’t have to wait for group buying sites to deliver savings, or organize groups to negotiate their own deals.  One in three of The Real Estate Cafe’s clients proposed their own fee / rebate last year.  If you don’t like what you see on our existing Menu of Fees & Rebates, propose your own money-saving deal!

The categories in this Group Switching poll give you an idea of the kind of savings the “next generation of consumer power” seeks to deliver on household bills.  For more info, contact us directly or follow and help us coauthor and deliver a folksonomy of consumer savings for home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners. 

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