Taste Test the Real Estate Cafe’s new “Menu of Savings”

Greetings, DIY homebuyers and sellers! The Real Estate Cafe is experimenting with it’s new Menu of Savings and we need your feedback to tweak our offers and identify bugs, misdirected links, etc. If you’d like to receive future deals by email, sign-up by visiting our latest money-saving offer:

2/3rds off $3K retainer buys 50% off hourly fee PLUS 100% REBATE!

To learn more about the future of group buying in real estate and our perspective on Groupon’s first real estate coupon, read our blog post, “Can group buying deliver billions in savings annually to real estate consumers?

Our sincere hope is that Easter 2011 marks the rebirth of the fee-for-Service business model, so collectively, we can make progress towards our goal of helping millions of real estate consumers, particularly those upside down on mortgages, save billions of dollars annually. 

We’re looking for a way to aggregate savings opportunities that already exist in the real estate marketplace or that home buyers and sellers create through PRFP’s (Personal Requests for Proprosals) from a wide range of sources including sellers, lenders, brokers, as well as product and service vendors. What’s the best way to coauthor a tagging system of savings opportunities (not just coupons) to deliver billions of annual savings to home buyers and sellers?”

For more information, see our previous blog post, Groupon for Real Estate or GroupCon? Choose MEGA-savings, not marginal coupons!

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