Gov 2.0 Idea Starter: Using social media to bring about reforms / prevent another housing bubble


Attending Gov 2.0 Camp New England at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  You can watch online at  Hope others in attendance and online participate in these real estate roundtables and ongoing working groups.  Follow for more information.

TOPIC REQUEST / IDEA STARTER: With one in four homeowners upside down on their mortgage, how can social media be used to:

1. Bring about long overdue real estate reforms to prevent another housing bubble, and

2. Create a national network of self-aggregating, local home buyer clubs?

3. If appropriate, can post a link to 12 idea starters (eg. Should BLIND bidding wars be regulated? Best tools to launch eCampaign / Implement regs) or share privately.

4. If anyone else is interested, need to schedule round table BEFORE NOON and would like to encourage housing advocates, foreclosure prevention counselors, and real estate consumer advocates nationwide to participate online.

Bottomline: Goal is to seed working groups eager to use social media to develop reform agenda and implement / public information / education campaign.  Follow for more information or email The Real Estate Cafe.

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