Sneak Preview: Creating tours of “Million Dollar Markdowns” on Google City Tours

For nearly a year, The Real Estate Cafe has been using Google Maps to track luxury properties across Massachusetts with price reductions of approximately one million dollars or more.  So when we read that Google City Tours had been updated to include walking directions and My Maps integration, we were eager to experiment with our “unlisted” Million Dollar Markdowns (M$M) maps.

We agree with Google lab commenters who have said Google City Tours has exciting potential, but our attempt to import one of “My Maps,” an unlisted version created for clients (see image above), had mixed results.


1.  City Tours automatically created route from sights on My Map;
2.  Drop down turn-by-turn directions with estimated walking time;
3.  Ability to decide how much time to “Stay” at each destination;
4.  Times automatically readjusted across entire tour.


1.  Repeated error messages trying to reset 45 minute default “Stay” time.
2.  Attempts to add specific addresses generated wrong locations
3.  Clicking on “More info >>” link too often resulted in no info or wrong location


1.  Ability to create driving tours as well as walking tours
2.  Ability to import, or at least link to some or all of information from My Map, (eg. photos, descriptions, links, YouTube videos, street views, etc.);
3.  Ability to set “Return” to some destination other than starting point;
4.  Ability to add poll or some interactive feature other than star ratings;
5.  Ability to break city tour into segments, eg. 90 minutes each;
6.  Ability to save, sequence tour segments, same day or over several days;
7.  Ability to move sights between segments;
8.  Ability to save tour templates;
9.  Ability to integrate unlimited tour templates or customized tours into Google Calendar


1.  Ability to create walking or driving tour of open houses posted on Google Real Estate based on published times of open houses on weekends
2.  Ability to sequence driving and walking tours of private showings other times

The Real Estate Cafe is eager to work with development teams at Google City Tour and Google Real Estate to explore the ideas above and demo features using our “unlisted” My Maps.  Until then, we continue to offer private tours of Million Dollar Markdowns in Massachusetts — online, walking, or driving — and would gladly meet potential clients online or off.  Call 617-661-4046 or email us to arrange an appointment of meet for coffee at the Starbucks at the foot of Charles and Beacon St, Boston, MA. 

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY:  Eager to create a national network of exclusive buyer agents qualified to help home buyers, particularly international buyers, interested in Million Dollar Markdowns (M$M) in luxury housing markets across the United States.  Call 617-661-4046 or email us for more information.

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