Digital Playgroup eager to welcome iPad, newest member of Apple’s iFamily

Seems everyone is choo-ing over Apple’s new iPad, including my grandson.  At four months, wonder how soon this “precocious” little guy will begin interacting with the iPad?  Haven’t read enough about how the device actually works to know what’s possible, but Twitter is already buzzing with predictions about killer apps.  So our extended family is developing it’s own wishlist of intergenerational apps, and we invite tech-savvy families — kids, parents, grandparents, even great grandparents — to share their own dreams. 

Some real estate innovators, including @paulmobley and @GregRobertson, are already sharing their initial thoughts on uses for Realtors, and asking if the Apple tablet be a game changer in real estate.  We’d love to hear what do-it-yourself (#DIY) home buyers and sellers think about that question, how they envision using the iPad, and their wishlist for dream functionality.

Can’t wait to stimulate that discussion by passing the iPad around the Digital Playgroup we launched at TogetherInMotion in Arlington, MA on the 1st anniversary of Randy Pausch’s death.  As anyone who watched the Last Lecture or read the book knows, Randy had an imagination as big as his heart.  Wonder how many Valentines would be sent or received on iPads if it were available immediately?  Seems everyone loves Apple’s new baby, as we love our new Grandson! 

If you’re a real estate professional, home buyer, or seller already posting your #iPad comments on Twitter, please ReTweet | RT them in the comment field below.  Here’s our first Tweet on the subject:

DIGITAL HOME: #iPad “..Tablet is NOT laptop without keyboard, Apple sees ..personal media experience they create.” 

Anyone want to go on a pilgrimage to a local Apple store in Boston when the newest addition to the Apple iFamily arrives in June or July?  Tech Superpowers @digilounge has already hosted a TweetUp of the Apple Faithful in Boston to watch the announcement of the birth.  Wish I had been there, but anyone can still follow their Twitter list, review their #superapple stream, and watch them tonight at 6pm on @WBZ TV.  

WBZ’s webcast of the State of the Union begins at 8pm, and will surely generate discussion of the housing tax credit and foreclosure prevention.  Hope the iPad does not upstage the President as this Doonesbury’s cartoon implies

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