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Should “Blind” bidding wars be regulated? Time to launch iPetition?

In response to an article entitled, Year’s end lifts sales of condos in Boston, one of readers wrote: “Seriously, the bidding wars that have been going on for the past 2 years, that is what someone should write an

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Digital Playgroup eager to welcome iPad, newest member of Apple’s iFamily

Seems everyone is choo-ing over Apple’s new iPad, including my grandson.  At four months, wonder how soon this “precocious” little guy will begin interacting with the iPad?  Haven’t read enough about how the device actually works to know what’s possible,

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Defensive homebuying: How to protect your commission rebate

So pleased to this blog post on warns first-time homebuyers about the conflict of interest inherent in dual agency.  Their words describe the cartoon we used in our blog post last week, Dual agency: The illusion of individual savings

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Wanted: “Loving Thoughts, Thoughts on Love” to celebrate Valentine’s Day online & off

On and off over three decades, I’ve invited friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing their favorite thoughts on love.  This year, I’d like to extend the invitation to anyone worldwide who’d like to explore how we can use social

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Listing homebuyers & publishing click streams to generate reverse offers from sellers

  Insert image:  RFP Clickstream (Tweet) So pleased to see one of the leading real estate bloggers beating the drum again for one of the cornerstones of the next decade in real estate:  the ability for homeowners to identify and

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Dual agency: The illusion of individual savings & the real cost to society

BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH: readers: Got Conflict? Click for info: Menu of Fees & Rebates (see WSJ article re 100% commission rebate) Listing agent report card (rebate up to one third of our referral fee) Exposing the hypocrisy

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Annual Survey: What will housing prices look like in 2010 & beyond?

Keeping an eye on the real estate market in Massachusetts?  The Real Estate Cafe and would like to know what you think housing prices will look like in Greater Boston, as well as LOCAL cities and towns across the

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Sneak Preview: Creating tours of “Million Dollar Markdowns” on Google City Tours

For nearly a year, The Real Estate Cafe has been using Google Maps to track luxury properties across Massachusetts with price reductions of approximately one million dollars or more.  So when we read that Google City Tours had been updated

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Expired listings surge across Massachusetts as 2009 ends

Insert:  EXP & CAN Listings Last 10 Weeks of 2009 Fireworks weren’t the only thing exploding across Massachusett last night:  more than 2,200 MLS listings expired causing the total of “failed” (expired & canceled) MLS listings to surge to nearly

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