FLASH BACK / FLASH FORWARD: Will mobloggers pop the real estate bubble?

Questions asked in this blog post, originally posted more than four years ago by The Real Estate Cafe, are echoing in my mind this morning.  The flash back / flash forward is fueled by fantasies of using Apple’s new iPhone 3G S to help home buyers share market insights:

Will the prevalence of iPods, smartphones, and digital video recorders create a new generation of house hunters turned citizen journalists? Not if the decade-long, lemming-like rush continues to cause home buyers to view each other as competitors, is my guess.

But if the housing market begins to slide as real estate bubble watchers caution, buyers may look to each other for information about what is really happening in the marketplace rather than traditional real esate agents / listing agents who are obligated to get the highest price for sellers and continue to fan the flames of “irrational exuberance.”

How will those peer-to-peer exchanges occur? Will those amatuer roving real estate reporters begin to post their own comments in writing, audio clips, or video clips to the web? Those are the kinds of questions I would like to explore in this discussion of “Moblogging in Real Estate.”

Home buyers, are you already using smart phones to house hunt? If so, how have they enhanced your home buying experience? Have you ever posted a comment, photo, or video to a real estate related web site, like our “Best of 2006” real estate bubble map, to share your perspective with fellow real estate consumers?

Do you think that citizen journalism and real estate blogs, particularly bubble blogs like the Housing Bubble and Boston Bubble, helped expose or “pop” the real estate bubble in your local market?

If you are as excited about using the iPhone’s new video capabilities as we are, would you like to our mobile real estate user group for a real estate round table or field trip to experiment with leading mobile real estate apps?  Here’s one you can begin to use immediately, courtesy of The Real Estate Cafe!

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