Do “do-it-yourself” home buyers need a buyer agent?

Thanks to Google alerts for picking up eestee’s comment on today’s’s real estate blog, Does Jason really need a Realtor? He wants to be convinced.

The Real Estate Cafe understands that our fee-for-service business model, which offers fees from $75 to $150 per hour, doesn’t appeal to everyone; so we invite do-it-yourself home buyers to review our full Menu of Fees & Rebates to select the (1) hourly fee, (2) flat fee, or (3) performance-based compensation plan that best meets their needs. If you don’t like any of plans, you can also propose your own — about one-third of our recent clients have!

If eestee and other readers review our menu of options, they may conclude that one of our 100% commission rebate options was better than the one negotiated with eestee’s attorney.

Five years after our 100% rebate option was featured in a Wall Street Journal article on “Cutting the Commission“, we’re still looking for innovative ways to help DIY real estate consumers save money!

Let’s start by asking President Obama’s new Consumer Financial Protection Agency to (1) outlaw dual agency; (2) divorce the traditional (now obsolete), two-sided real estate commission; and (3) regulate blind bidding wars.  Your ideas and proposed regulatory reforms are invited!

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