When to try “For Sale By Owner”: The Rest of the Story

We’re BIG fans of Ilyce Glink’s and ForSaleByOwner.com, but think this 100 second sound bite does not do justice to their wealth of knowledge nor the complexity of selling one’s own home “for sale by owner.” My guess is that their books and web sites treat the multi-layered decision in more detail, as well as the steps in the process.  In this market, that process can extend over half a year.  As housing values continue to decline the question for many sellers, isn’t simply “When to try FSBO?” but can I get a limited amount of professional help without paying traditional full fees on both sides of the commission. Thank goodness the marketplace is creating a full menu of options for “do-it-yourself” buyers and sellers to answer that question. If you are looking for some of the “Best of Breed” visit http://FSBO.pbwiki.com

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