10,000+ MA Sellers “rebelling” on anniversary of Boston Tea Party

Four years ago, The Real Estate Cafe used the site of the Boston Tea Party to warn that the housing bubble was beginning to deflate: 

Party like it’s 1773… …or should we say, like the real estate party’s over?

This year, a different kind of rebellion is taking place.  Instead of throwing crates of tea overboard, more than 10,000 homeowners across Massachusetts have “dumped” their listing agents in the last eight weeks alone.  If you’re one of those sellers, The Real Estate Cafe would like to help you evaluate your options for 2010.  Whether you decide to (1) sell for sale by owner, (2) renew your contract with your existing agent, or (3) select a new agent, our goal is to help you save money.  Call us at 617-661-4046 to schedule an appointment to talk over tea or coffee. You can also follow http://Twitter.com/RealEstateCafe to learn more about expired and canceled listings.

A “Night version” of the YouTube video above is available by request.

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