Translating 2010 predictions into Menu of RE Consumer Savings

Couldn’t wait to read Pat Kitano’s blog post, Media Predictions for 2010, and fired off the comment below just as quickly after reading his list bullet point list below:

  1. Community Engagement will become the Driver of Local Media
  2. Mobile + Local advertising = Penny Saver 2.0
  3. Mobile + Advertising + Pubsubhubbub = Alert systems
  4. Advertising as Content
  5. Everybody becomes a marketer, and some will become sales closers
    1. Everybody can become a traveling sales person
  6. Virtual socializing and Webinar ubiquity
  7. The grass roots Web
  8. The stream is more important than website
  9. Curation is the new syndication
  10. A new era of open social media (the adjective “social” will soon be redundant)

COMMENT:  Thanks for sharing your vision of new ways for consumers and professionals to collaborate on the creation of real-time content and money-saving coupons in the coming year.  Is a folksnomy of real estate related savings already beginning to emerge?  If so, is there an open directory already online.  The Real Estate Cafe is eager to experiment with some of the links you’ve suggested, and collaborate with other money-saving business models and innovators to deliver billions of dollars in savings annually to home buyers and sellers. (We’re already begun experimenting with the hashtag #recoop hoping other discount / coupon publishers will do the same.)

Maybe we should set a common goal of delivering enough location specific coupons that any home buyer can save at least as much as the $8,000 tax credit after it phases out next Spring.  The Real Estate Cafe’s own goal is to deliver three times that amount as we blogged / Twittered recently, and proposed in a TweetUp at #nar09 (with featured speaker Tara Hunt, @missrogue) entitled, “Is Real Estate ripe for VRM?”

Do you see a “Menu of RE Saving Coupons” emerging from within the industry or consumer-centric media companies and fourth parties, hyper-local or national, as some in the #VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) community predict?   I’d love to see a national network of locally organized homebuyer clubs to aggregate discounts that make sense for consumers AND vendors because they benefit by reduced marketing costs.

Ideas and feedback welcome! Anyone want to participate in an adhoc webinar to brainstorm?  Pat’s already got one planned for Friday, December 18 at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST for anybody interested:


Update on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 9:02PM by Registered CommenterRealEstateCafe

As the first efforts to organize group buying sites for real estate begin to appear online, eager to use Quora to seed this discussion:

What is the best way to coauthor a folksonomy or tagging system of savings opportunities (not just coupons) for home buyers and sellers?

Your thoughts are welcome here or on the link above.

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