Preparing an offer soon? Use slides from RECafe’s “Menu of Talking Points” to save money

Since it was posted yesterday, dozens of Boston Globe readers have been debating whether Demanding Boston sellers finally ready to deal? 

Some of our clients have presented similar arguments in slide presentations with their offers, resulting in saving over $1 million in 2006 and 2008 (includes discounts from original asking prices plus commission rebates).  The goal of our “Talking Offer” is to present evidence that helps sellers conclude they are better off accepting offers rather than waiting for housing prices to bottom out or rise.

In today’s digital media world, it’s possible to develop a “business case” for your offer based on data from multiple sources, including fellow DIY (do-it-yourself) homebuyers.  The tumbnail slides above show some of the best slides clients have prepared and submitted with their offers over the past four years. 

Access to our “Talking Offer” ( slide library is normally limited to Real Estate Cafe clients, but this weekend we’re offering table top demos at TweetUps in Boston.  Call 617-661-4046 to schedule an appointment or follow for sample slides and TweetUp locations.  (If you’re preparing an offer NOW, you can use this link to upload it for review.)

FINANCIAL REWARD:  To motivate other thoughtful DIY homebuyers to create and contribute slides to the Real Estate Cafe‘s “Menu of Talking Points,” we need YOUR help to rethink the financial incentives offered through the Real Estate Cafe’s original “Tipping Policy.”  The biggest reward, however, isn’t our 100% commission rebate, but the money you can save by sharing slides with other savvy-homebuyers, some who have already looked at 1,000’s of MLS listings online, to build a hard-hitting, but diplomatic, business case to submit with your offer. 

BE PREPARED:  Even if it’s weeks or months before you make an offer, it’s not too early to begin collaborating with other buyers to build the case that houses are overpriced in your desired locations.  How can The Real Estate Cafe reward you, financially or otherwise, to help build that case?

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