The Art of Change

Self-taught artist, Chris Brown, sketching incoming-President Barack Obama, the week before his Inauguration. Chris began drawing at age six, and his love for art can be seen from the images in this video.

The Real Estate Cafe is eager to hear your reflections on the “Art of Change” in general, or our efforts to change the real estate industry in particular. Use this wiki event planner to add discussion questions, request site demos, and/or propose speakers to our upcoming real estate round table post ConnectNY and REBarCampNY.

Professionals or consumers alike are invited to follow and visit our social network for “Change Agents” to collaborate on the Art of Change in the future.

PS.  Parents, if you have a son or daughter who loves making art, online or off (like Chris above), The Real Estate Cafe invites you to join the Digital Playgroup we cohost at TogetherInMotion in Arlington, MA. See recent video from “Digital Playgroup keeps spirit of “Last Lecture” author alive” for more details.

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