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DIY home buyers & FSBOs, join the Million Dollar March!

If you’ve arrived on this blog post by clicking our on banner ad on’s open house search page, click on any of the panels in our rotating ad above to learn more about The Real Estate Cafe’s track record

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Expired listings meets real estate “a la carte”

If your listing has expired, you’re probably looking at three traditional options:  (1) try selling “for sale by owner” (FSBO), (2) work with another real estate agent, or (3) extend your listing agent with your existing agent.  As buyer agents,

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When to try “For Sale By Owner”: The Rest of the Story

We’re BIG fans of Ilyce Glink’s and, but think this 100 second sound bite does not do justice to their wealth of knowledge nor the complexity of selling one’s own home “for sale by owner.” My guess is that

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TweetUp or 1-on-1 demo? Preview our experimental new FSBO Wiki

From FSBO.PBwiki SNEAK PREVIEW: The Real Estate Cafe is eager to begin doing daily demos of our new FSBO wiki. The experimental site features “Best of Breed” money-saving tools and web sites for “do-it-yourself” sellers (FSBOs) at each step in

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Greater Fool’s housing market or foolish NOT to buy now?

For years, The Real Estate Cafe has paid for a banner ad on’s open house search page.   Next week, we meet with their creative team to brainstorm about new ideas for their upcoming annual Spring home buying special.  Guess

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Would-be home buyers waiting for sellers to reduce prices further

Real Estate Cafe client, who Andy Foland, was quoted in a cover story of the Boston Globe today entitled, Consumers who could lift market not read to buy.  Andy “estimates prices in Greater Boston have been falling about 1 percent

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SNEAK PREVIEW: Real Estate Cafe’s experimental new FSBO Wiki!

Ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… This is a really B-I-G secret.  Click on the thumbnail image above to see some of the 150 plus images included in The Real Estate Cafe’s new experimental FSBO Wiki.  If you’d like a closer look, call 617-661-4046 or

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