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WBUR: What’s Next for Banks? Three proposals to protect home buyers & tax payers’ investment

Comment on WBUR / OnPointRadio talk show: What’s Next for Banks? Listen to rebroadcast on 90.9fm in Boston, 7-8:00pm, Tuesday, January 27, 2009 or listen to audio online at your convenience Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times business columnist, Gretchen Morgenson,

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Got rebate? Want menu of services & fees? Watch video / answer Q’s

Homebuyers, watch this four minute video recorded at REBarCampNY, then take our five question mini-survey on the Future of Buyer Agency & Alternative Real Estate Brokerage. If you would like more information, follow or participate, in person or online,

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The Art of Change

Self-taught artist, Chris Brown, sketching incoming-President Barack Obama, the week before his Inauguration. Chris began drawing at age six, and his love for art can be seen from the images in this video. The Real Estate Cafe is eager to

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PREVIEW: Future of Buyer Agency & Alternative Real Estate Brokerage

PREVIEW: This three minute video clip is the first is a series of excerpts from an hour long round table discussion at REBarCampNY, January 6, 2009. For more information on buyer bgency and alternative real estate brokerage, follow If

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When will the pending sales slump be reflected in lower asking prices?

Another Epiphany post: On January 6, the National Association of Realtors revealed a distressing trend: Pending home sales are at their LOWEST point since they began making that information public in 2001, and things could get worse. As the highlighted

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Luddite 2.0: Turning Epiphany into WE-piphany

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