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Richard Howe’s blog post, "Urban Rebels," provided a timely opportunity to use the 4th of July to update our rallying cry for a consumer revolution in real estate.  Howe is Register of Deeds for the Middlesex North District in Massachusetts, and has written extensively about foreclosures and their impact on neighborhoods and communities. 

Excellent, timely post. With three million households behind on
their mortgage payments, and a projected two million headed towards
foreclosure, could the time finally be ripe for a consumer revolution
in real estate?

Some of use have been talking about that for more than a decade, but
as Glaeser writes, industry insiders have had "strong incentives to
fight for their regime.”  (See WSJ editorial originally entitled "The Realtor Racket" and download study on "Bringing More Competition to Real Estate Brokerage.")

Collaborating with fellow real estate change agents, we hope to
invite home buyers and sellers in Greater Boston to restart
conversations begun 15 years ago at the “Consumer Revolution in Real
” at our experimental new location: One Broadway, Arlington, MA.

We’ll experiment with seminars, real estate round tables, and web
site demos. I’m particularly excited about reviving our Bubble Hours
and hosting support groups for FSBOs & households facing
foreclosure. Perhaps you can join us at an upcoming real estate unconference, or
even present a topic / lead a discussion.

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