If airlines have fare sales, should real estate agents? Part 3

For the past five years, Real Estate Cafe’s clients have been asking, “When will housing prices bottom out?” Some began their house hunts two years before the market peaked, and have been watching housing prices fall for three straight years.  While most of our active buyers have looked at more than 1,000 MLS page views, few have paid us any fees.  That’s why we’re offering our third “Business Sucks Sale.”

During the first 10 days of 2009, we’d like to participate in a real estate barcamp in NYC and attend the leading real estate technology conference.  More importantly, before the end of 2008, we need to invest $1,000 in a proprietary cell phone application to expand our menu of mobile real estate applications.  So, we’re trying to raise $2,000 to $3,000 quickly by inviting a handful of new or existing clients to take advantage of these limited money-saving opportunities:

Money-saving offer #1:  Fare sale

  • Prepay 5 hours of service ($500), get 1 hour FREE ($100 savings). 
  • Prepay 10 hours of service ($1,000), get 3 hours FREE ($300 savings).

Limited to 2 to 4 clients, email for details.

Money-saving offer #2:  Experiment with monthly fees

Prepay $350 every month, and we’ll reduce our consulting fee to $70 per hour for the first five hours — that’s a savings of 30% to 53% from our normal fee of $100 to $150 per hour! Like frequent flier miles, prepaid hours accumulate and you can use them any time you like.  Limited to 3 clients, email for details.

Money-saving offer #3

Prepay $3,000 and “buy down” our hourly fee from $150 per hour to $75 for the first 40 hours – that’s a 50% savings!  If you’re the first to respond, we’ll also waive the performance bonus and donations normally required so keep 100% of the buyer agency fee.  Limited to 1 to 2 clients, email for details.

We’re glad to discuss our menu of fees & rebates over coffee individually or via a table top seminar with other potential home buyers, contact us to schedule an appointment before it’s too late. Once we raise $2,000 to $3,000, these special money-saving offers will be gone.

If we raise enough money, we’ll host a technology debriefing after our trip to New York to share “best of breed” money-saving tools and tips from the two real estate technology conferences. We’d like to host two events, one for buyers and another for FSBOs (“for sale by owner”) within 10 days of the conferences at TogetherInMotion, One Broadway, Arlington, MA.  $49 per household per event, $99 for real estate professionals.  Email to make a reservation.

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