Then & now: Best & Worst of 2008 from the real estate consumer’s perspective just released their list of the “Top 10 Events that impacted real estate in 2008.” Resorting that list from different perspectives — the Best and Worst of 2008 from the Professional’s perspective versus Consumer’s, and Best and Worst of 2008 from Buyer’s perspective versus Seller’s — reveals additional insights. For example, the credit crisis does not appear on the list, but more stringent lending standards had a negative impact on buyers, sellers, and professionals which will extend beyond 2008.

With prices falling back to 2000-2002 levels, then and now retrospectives are another way to reveal trends. Home buyers and sellers, use these wiki links to recollect your own “Best and Worst of 2008” from the real estate consumer’s perspective:

Comments are welcome below and will be added to new wiki pages for the Best and Worst of 2008.

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