Should we use TwitPay to turbocharge our Tipping Policy?

The Real Estate Cafe’s original tipping policy gave commission rebate credits to active clients who contributed listings to our RealEstateBubbleMap: Boston. TwitPay could give us the opportunity to create a virtual Tip Box on every street corner!

Do-it-yourself home buyers and sellers, should we use TwitPay to turbocharge our Tipping Policy? If so, should we “pay” clients who post comments, photos, audio or video to our web site or wiki with micro-payments via TwitPay (or another web app like Arlington-based TipJoy), commission rebate credits, Dining Dough certificates, or other form of compensation? Should compensation be from The Real Estate Cafe to clients or from consumer to consumer, whether they are a client or not?

Finally, should we invite clients to compensate other real estate professionals or limit tips to our own team? We’re eager to add “guest chefs” to our team of experts. If you’re willing to work on a fee-for-service basis, or receive “tips” for original content please call us at 617-661-4046.

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