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Annual Survey: What will housing prices look like in 2009 & beyond?

Keeping an eye on the real estate market in Massachusetts?  We’d like to know what you think housing prices will look like in Greater Boston, as well as LOCAL cities and towns across the state, in 2009 and beyond. Click

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If airlines have fare sales, should real estate agents? Part 3

For the past five years, Real Estate Cafe’s clients have been asking, “When will housing prices bottom out?” Some began their house hunts two years before the market peaked, and have been watching housing prices fall for three straight years.  While

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Real Estate Wishlist 2009: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Home buyers and sellers: Got a dream about how to reinvent the real estate industry to make it more “consumer-friendly”? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Post your ideas below, or on Twitter using #REInventRE 

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“Buy down” our hourly fees by 50% and still get 100% rebate

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Should we use TwitPay to turbocharge our Tipping Policy?

The Real Estate Cafe’s original tipping policy gave commission rebate credits to active clients who contributed listings to our RealEstateBubbleMap: Boston. TwitPay could give us the opportunity to create a virtual Tip Box on every street corner! Do-it-yourself home buyers

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Got questions or ideas about how to reform the real estate industry? Use #REinventRE

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” – Voltaire Got questions or ideas about how to reform the real estate industry? Please submit on Twitter using #REinventRE hashtag, before InmanNews Townhall Meeting today at 11am PCT,

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How do you celebrate Christmas? Idea starters from book, Unplug the Christmas Machine


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BUBBLE HOUR: How long before housing prices recover: Years or DECADES?

Can you find what’s wrong with the photo above?  Click on the image above and compare headlines. The headline on USAToday’s home page this morning said YEARS til housing prices recover but the print version and actual story say “Why

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Turning 1,000 cups of coffee into $1 million for AIDS orphans

Comment posted to The Barista Realtors of Tel Aviv Yes, it’s true that coffee and real estate go together but one need not open a real estate cafe to enjoy that experience. Everyday, thousands of real estate agents and their

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