Wall Street “spooked” by falling housing index

Brainstorming about user generated content / video contest:
Haunted by the Housing Market

The Real Estate Cafe has maintained an excel spreadsheet comparing
housing market conditions from 2000 to 2007.  The original version was
prepared for Halloween 2002, and resulted in a slideshow called,
"Haunted by the Housing Market."

As Halloween approaches this year, and NPR reported yesterday that Wall Street was "spooked
by a sharp drop in housing prices," we are thinking about sharing the
spreadsheet and inviting others to update the "Haunted by the Housing
Market" slideshow.

Better yet, what would it take to create a contest with different categories for user-generated content, like "Funniest Housing Bubble Video," "Best slideshow attached to an offer" (samples available),
etc.?  We’re open to putting our content on the web so others can
"mash-up" images, statistics, quotes (both audio and text), etc.

Any good models and potential sponsors out there?

Cross-post:  "Haunted by the Housing Market" originally mentioned as comment in this blog post:
Wait 2.0:  Negative cycle creating marginal or mega-savings for patient homebuyers?

Use the following quotes to launch "Haunted by the Housing Market."

NPR:  The closely watched S&P Case-Schiller housing index earlier this week spooked Wall Street when it showed a sharp drop in home prices — down more than 3 percent in the second quarter alone. 

Karl Case, a housing economist who helped develop the 20-year-old index, says it’s the largest price decline since the inception of the index.

Economists expect total declines of about 10 percent throughout many parts of the country — and up to 25 percent in some of the formerly hottest markets.

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