Real Estate Rift or Rebate Envy?

Wish the Boston Globe had mentioned The Real Estate
industry leading menu of fees & rebates in their recent article, Rebates:  A Real Estate Rift. The
Wall Street Journal featured our 100% commission rebate more than three years ago in an article entitled, "Cutting the Commission."
  Our current menu of fees & rebates is online and we’d be glad to discuss side-by-side comparisons of competing rebates and fee-for-service business models privately over coffee, real estate round tables, or internet chats (see calendar wiki for coming events).

If time permits, we’ll do a more in-depth critique of the Globe’s article and commission reform; and MAYBE invite clients and readers to brainstorm about our newest domain,, in the "Idea Bar" on The Real Estate Cafe’s wiki or private chat on our intranet.  In the meantime, here’s a map of client savings — over $1 million during one twelve month period, 2006-2007!  (Makes some of the savings and rebates in the Globe article look rather modest, doesn’t it?  Feeling envious?  Let’s talk about it over coffee.)

Cross-posted in the discussion forum section of our new, experimental social networking site.

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