Fee-for-service real estate, not fee-for-research (yet)

We’re a bit embarrassed about asking our clients and others to ChipIn
to pay for our attendance at a real estate technology conference
, but
as one of nation’s first and leading fee-for-service real estate
consulting firms the slow housing market has reduced cash flow at The Real Estate Cafe. We
haven’t charged for access to cutting edge market research in the past,
but we may be forced to experiment with "fee-for-research" in the

To date, we’ve done the opposite — we’ve paid clients to add content to our Real Estate Bubble Map!  Their collective efforts helped us earn Platial.com’s "Best Real Estate Map" Award for 2006, and the map was featured in an international conference on the future of journalism. 

Visit our map of homes selling for below assessed value in Greater Boston to learn more about our "Tipping policy."

TRAVEL ALERT:  Our plane to San Francisco leaves in three hours, so we’re offering new and existing clients a variety of financial incentives — like signing bonuses and reduced hourly rates from our normal menu of fees & rebates — to help pay for travel expenses.  Call 617-661-4046 for more details.

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