TwitterVigil: World AIDS Day 2008



Home buyers and sellers, as well as anyone in the real estate industry, are invited to observe World AIDS Day 2008 by brainstorming about real estate fund raising
strategies for AIDS orphans.  Here’s one proposal / idea starter:  Develop local PledgeBanks
for communities to raise funds, and potentially challenge other
cities to friendly fund raising competitions.  Alumni groups can use to challenge their rivals
to annual fund raising competitons, see blog posts re: Million $ March.

Add you own ideas below, on the AIDS Shelter Alliance Partners wiki, on ChangeAgents, or via Twitter during our World AIDS Day TwitterVigil.  If you live in Boston, join us on today, December 1, 2007 at Medicine Wheel’s award-winning AIDS vigil.

Conversation starter:

Should local AIDS Shelter Alliance Partners create a badge so
home buyers and sellers can invite friends to sign an ASAPledge via their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of the other cause networking sites
featured in the Wall Street Journal article entitled:  New Generation Reinvents Philanthropy?  Visit these links for more
information on the proposed ASAP demonstration project and real estate philanthropy in general.

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