Best site to identify commuting costs & hassles, in good weather & bad?

Earlier today, Bryan Person launched a wiki called Awful Commutes.  Right now, it seems to be focused on collecting stories from yesterday’s snow emergency in Boston which unexpectedly turned commuting into winter sport.  No need to limit the wiki to accounts of those 5 and 6 hour marathons.  Three years ago, I thought about moving to Lowell, MA but decided to stay in Cambridge because I could walk to so many important places in my life. My understanding is that helps potential homebuyers identify the most "walkable communities."

Not everyone has the option to live in a walkable community, hence the
need for a decision-making tool that helps home buyers evaluate
communities — and specific listings — based on their household’s
commuting needs.  Does such a tool or site already exist? If so, what’s
the best one to use to assess the cost of commuting in Greater Boston, and hassles factors on alternative routes?  Do "best of breed" commuting sites already include wikis?  If not, hope becomes the commuting equivalent of,
at least here in Boston.  I’d certainly recommend that kind of
interactive tool to The Real Estate Cafe’s ‘do-it-yourself" home

If Bryan’s wiki continues to focus on winter commutes, wouldn’t it
be fun to ask readers who are old enough to contribute memories of the Blizzard of ’78?
Maybe some can offer first person (no pun intended Bryan) accounts of
their commutes yesterday and 30 years ago.  Is anyone already planning
something to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78 in
Boston next year?  (I lived in Montreal at the time of the storm, but
was amazed by the size of the snow drifts when I visited two weeks
later. Nothing like today’s relatively quick meltdown.)

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