Bono in Boston to challenge real estate industry to join (Product)RED?

Where is real estate’s Steve Jobs? a leading real estate industry guru wrote yesterday, asking who real estate consumers can trust.

IMHO, a single visionary is
unlikely to emerge and less likely to transform the trillion dollar
real estate industry than the collective actions of like-minded innovators. In the
absence of a formal coalition, maybe an outside influence, perhaps a
world-class celebrity, can help push the industry past a tipping point.
At least that’s my hope with Bono’s keynote speech tomorrow at the
mortgage bankers’ conference in Boston.

A Reuters headline says he’s simply there to lure mortgage brokers
to the event, but it’s more likely he’s there to challenge the real
estate industry to get involved in (product)RED or create their own
AIDS related fund raising campaigns. That was the subject of this blog
post seven months ago:

Creating a real estate version of (product)RED

Regardless of what Bono says tomorrow, any change agents — or home buyers and sellers — who are interested in building a voluntary,
industry-wide coalition to help real estate consumers save money AND
SAVE LIVES are invited to use
these resources as idea starters for their own cause marketing and fund
raising ideas:

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