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Back to the Future: Consumer Revolution in Real Estate 14.0

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Social Justice for Real Estate Dummies



Is it heart breaking or maddening?  There are over 2
million Catholics in Greater Boston (myself included), but apparently that wasn’t enough
to prevent the cancellation of the 2007 Archdiocesan Social Justice Conference due to low registration.

Compare that to the sale of St. Joseph statues to
help sell homes.  Ask any Catholic bookstore in Greater Boston or beyond, and they’ll tell you the same thing:  they sell out quickly!  One national web site,, has reportedly sold more than 500,000 statues up from 6,000 seven years ago.

Instead of burying St. Joseph statues upside down, why not use his
feast day on May 1st to invite thinking Catholics (and others) to
reinvent this misguided superstition by creating a more meaningful and
appropriate spiritual practice to honor the Patron Saint of Social Justice?

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Housing market to weaken through summer

Yesterday, Economist Mark Zandi predicted that the housing market would continue to weaken through the summer.  You can listen to WBUR audio clip online. Our weekly schedule is now online at If you’d like us to discuss a topic you, in-person or online, you can post an educational event on our experimental wiki calendar, too.

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Commissions add to real estate bubble?

Contest premise, and argue that savings on commissions though real are small by comparison to cost increases created by inhouse bidding wars, driven by dual agency:

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$20,000 savings guarantee?

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