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Playing to the ‘Heart of MIT’


"The Heart of MIT: Twenty Years of Photography by Donna Coveney," a
retrospective showing both black and white and color photographs, opens
on Monday, Jan. 29, in the Compton Gallery.

"I really like
having the opportunity to spend time with some of the most interesting
people on the planet and having them invite me to come play in their
sandbox," said Coveney.

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Housing continues slump

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Sweetest Deals of 2006

Sweetest2003_1 The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun, and over the next 20 days, The Real Estate Cafe will review some of the sweetest deals in real estate in Greater Boston during 2006.  When we addressed the same topic three years ago, we focused primarily on "Million Dollar Markdowns" in ten of the most expensive communities in Greater Boston.  (Copy of report or web movie available to clients.)

Over the past year, we expanded that process to document homes selling for below assessed value.  Our original research inspired a major story in the Boston Globe as well as an impressive regional map.  Our own online, interactive "Real Estate Bubble Map" was awarded the "Best real estate map" by  Contact us for preview of data from the past five months.

During the next 20 days, we’ll also identify some of the best savings opportunities in 2007 from sellers, lenders, brokers, as well as product and service vendors.   And if all works out, invite you to meet with some of them in person and preview other opportunities before they are released to the general public.  Contact us at 617-661-4046 if you’d like more information on our innovative menu of fee options and rebates.  We’re in the process of expanding choices and need your feedback!

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MLKing: Dreams of Real Estate Philanthropy

Martin Luther King weekend, celebrating I have a dream.  Boyhood hero, looked at image in spoon so my face looked more like his.  In 2006, The Real Estate Cafe achieved it’s goal of savings clients over $1 million dollars (based on savings from original asking prices and commission rebates, see Rebate Map for details.)

In 2007, extend those savings to save lives.  Introducing new fees, to make it easier for clients to work with us, and participate in our goal of providing shelter subsidies for AIDS orphans.  Hope this encourages others, both real estate consumers and professionals, to ask how they can participate in real estate philanthropy.

Link to Sellius blog post, and book Brad Inman encouraged real estate technology innovators to read:  What is the What?

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