Globe follow-up II

As you can see from the early experiment below, we’ve been mapping
homes selling for below assessed value in Newton since November 2005:

When we noticed that the same pattern was playing out in more than 25
of the most expensive cities and towns in Greater Boston,  we expanded
the map beyond Newton:

We also decided to work with a mapping platform that enables anyone to
post comments, add properties to an existing map, or create their own
map.  Check out this map of Cambridge, MA where the myth is that sales
prices never decline because of the built-in demand from Harvard and

You don’t need to be a Harvard & MIT grad to recognize a falling
market, so I hope other bubble bloggers begin to create their own
bubble maps to aggregate their collective wisdom and document falling
housing prices in their local markets.  If you do, please link it to

Our hope is that a national network of bubble maps would help inform
and protect homebuyers from overpaying in overvalued markets.  That
lofty goals translates into creating an open source platform that
enable anyone to pick and choice "user-posted comps" to support offers
they submit well below sellers’ asking prices.  If it can work in
Massachusetts, it could be a model for other bubble bloggers and buyers
around the country.

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