Topic cloud for strategic planning issues in real estate

Posting this message from the blog room at the National Association of Realtors midyear convention in Washington, DC hoping some other industry innovators see it and decide to "meet-up" here sometime in the next 48 hours.  Also, hope others are interested in exchanging insights into promising new innovations in the blogosphere, like the topic cloud on RealEstateBlogSites.  Wonder what a convention topic cloud would look like if people were posting live from the conference?

This could be an interesting experiment: how about creating a topic cloud of issues covered in the NAR Strategic Planning Committee meeting earlier today?  That was a private meeting, by invitation-only, but it wouldn’t be hard to use blogs to speculate about the kinds of issues the industry and real estate consumers will face in coming years.  One good jumping off point for that discussion is Stefan Swanepoel’s report, Top 15 Real Estate Trends:  2006/7.  Or you can just jump in anywhere you like by posting a comment below.  What are the top 10 issues real estate professionals will face in the next five years?  How about the top 10 issues real estate consumers face?  Are they the same, or different?  If the latter, why?

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