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SocketSite™: Fortune’s Real Estate Survival Guide

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Real estate survival guide: Welcome to the dead zone – May. 5, 2006

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Coming soon: Real Estate Bubble Reality Tours?

Looking for our latest research on bubble trends?  We’re getting ready to rollout our first experiments with bubble related maps, and need your help.  Are there  questions you’d like answered or data presented to help you make sense of the changing housing market?  If you’re thinking of buying a home, would you be interested in getting beyond graphs and statistics to participate in a Real Estate Bubble Reality Tour?  If so, would you prefer to do that (1) on your own "virtually" using interactive maps, (2) your own driving tour, or (3) a small group tour of different towns with other househunters?

In the meantime, you can begin your own tour online by visiting fellow bubble  bloggers:

MassHouseMarket some excellent graphs on the relationship between housing inventory and housing prices, and has a rolling list of local bubble related stories, as well as their analysis of April housing statistics.  Thanks for their permission to reprint their graph of Median Price changes, February 2004 – April 2006 above, and please visit their blog for more detail and reader forums.

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Newspapers + FSBOs + fee-for-service = consumer savings

When Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine wrote, "Tribune Company just bought That’s a bigger deal than it may appear in the rearview mirror" wonder if he was aware of these stunning statistics?  In less than a year, the online real estate section of The Boston Globe has seen pageviews rise from seven million to nine million per month, and property searches rise from one million to three million per month

Nearly as impressive,’s real estate section has over 150 user generated forum topics.  What that tells me is that newspapers, at least the one here in Boston, are trusted middlemen in the real estate industry.  Realtors would love to position themselves as "Someone You Can Trust," the title of one of their new spots in a $23.2 million television advertising campaign to enhance their brand name.

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TypePad – Skypecasting

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The Real Estate List
Edited by the Blogging Systems Crew

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Link: Tabblo.beta.

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Topic cloud for strategic planning issues in real estate

Posting this message from the blog room at the National Association of Realtors midyear convention in Washington, DC hoping some other industry innovators see it and decide to "meet-up" here sometime in the next 48 hours.  Also, hope others are interested in exchanging insights into promising new innovations in the blogosphere, like the topic cloud on RealEstateBlogSites.  Wonder what a convention topic cloud would look like if people were posting live from the conference?

This could be an interesting experiment: how about creating a topic cloud of issues covered in the NAR Strategic Planning Committee meeting earlier today?  That was a private meeting, by invitation-only, but it wouldn’t be hard to use blogs to speculate about the kinds of issues the industry and real estate consumers will face in coming years.  One good jumping off point for that discussion is Stefan Swanepoel’s report, Top 15 Real Estate Trends:  2006/7.  Or you can just jump in anywhere you like by posting a comment below.  What are the top 10 issues real estate professionals will face in the next five years?  How about the top 10 issues real estate consumers face?  Are they the same, or different?  If the latter, why?

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Blog about wikis

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Blog about BeyondBroadcast

Link to flickr site, as well as The Real Estate Cafe wish list including:

1.  Meeting at NAR in DC,

2.  Debriefing AFTER NAR.

3.  Launch IntelligentREdesign at

4.  Million $ March

5.  Side conference at Inman

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