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Housing Slowdown Deepens in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts: Housing statistics, March 2006

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A tipping point in the real estate revolution?

Uncoupling_2006_1Speculating about why his recent blog post on real estate commissions "under siege" generated over 200 comments, Bradley Inman, founder of highly respected Inman News, asked readers if the existing commission structure had reached a "tipping point?"

Yes, ten mega-trends, some of which Inman identified,
have pushed the obsolete commission structure to a tipping point; but from the real estate consumer’s perspective, the commission won’t reach a break point until the traditional two-side MLS commission is "decoupled" — a recommendation the Consumer Federation of America first made fifteen years ago.

What series of actions are needed next to break-up the two-sided commission?  That’s the discussion question asked by this 90 second video (which can be paused at any point), originally prepared for federal regulators but never officially submitted at the end of last year.  The answer to that question will unlock billions of dollars in consumer savings annually, so comments from both real estate change agents and consumers are needed below, recorded on our readers’ line (617-876-2117), or sent privately to

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Analyzing March housing data before official release

Calendar of Bubble Events in Boston
Tuesday, April 25
MAR releases March 2006 housing stats

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors will release their “official” housing stats for March 2006 on Tuesday April 25. If there is interest, we can begin our own “unofficial” calculations now using housing data from a number of sources including the MLS and registry of deeds. If you have a question you’d like us to try to answer, please post it to the comments section below, email it to, or leave a message on our reader line: 617-876-2117. Space is limited for the next bubble hour, so please email us if you would like to participate online or in person. Transcripts from the last two bubble hours are available by request.

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Bay State exodus 2d only to N.Y. – The Boston Globe

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HappyNews: Lunatics flock to housing

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Web 2.0: PropSmart & Zillow

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Talking down the housing bubble

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‘Lizard Brains & bubble behaviour: 2005 vs 2006

Having just read that bloggers and Business Week are writing about lizard brains, how could we resist the opportunity to host the next bubble hour at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge?  Should we wait for Monday April 17, 2006 the one year anniversary of The Real Estate Cafe blog post about lizard brain behaviour and the real estate bubble.  Or does it make more sense to meet this Monday, April 3rd after the National Association of Realtors releases their pending sales index or just wait till Tuesday, April 25 when the Massachusetts Association of Realtors released official statistics for the preceeding month, March 2006?

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Housing price seasonality in Massachusetts

Maseasonality_bw1_1Some pictures are worth a thousand words, others are worth tens of
thousands in savings (or more than $100,000 in some communities in
Greater Boston.)

Click on the graph above for a closer look at seasonal variation in
median sales prices for single family homes across Massachusetts before
making "The Big Move" this Spring, or you could be making a "Big Mistake."

Note, this graph helps explain why median sales prices in Massachusetts are down 9.5 percent from their peak last summer.  Inflation-adjusted prices are down even further.  Will median housing prices
rebound this summer?  That depends, in part, on offers made by
overeager buyers in coming weeks.  Peak sales prices in June reflect
offers typically made in April and May.  What’s our advice?  Make sure
you’re making the "Right Move," and don’t mistake a marketing push for a market opportunity.  Asking prices will soften after the 4th of July, when it’s likely we’ll see a record number of listings get the "Big reMove," and savings opportunities increase for the balance of the year.

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