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Chat about Jan. 2006 home sales in Boston / Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors is expected to post January sales statistics to their web site sometime around noon today.  To help make sense of them, The Real Estate Cafe is hosting four chats through the day which the public can join as a guest (if you are unable to see any graphics when you enter the chat room, try clicking on the link below): 

Bubble Hour #1:  Noon to 1pm

Transcript & graphs since 7:20am now online.

Bubble Hour #2:  6:30 to 7:30pm

If there is interest, we’ll do this one in person at Borders Bookstore Cafe @ CambridgeSide Galleria tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Please RSVP in advance so we can make that decision.

Bubble Hour #3:  8:00pm to 9pm

We anticipate the largest number of participants for this Bubble Hour, including a special guest from one of that state registry of deeds who will share some statistics for February, three weeks ahead of the Mass. Association of Realtors release their own.

Bubble Hour #4:  11pm to midnight

We have a number of people who house hunt just before heading to bed so to accommodate them, we’ll host one more bubble hour today

We’ve already begun posting some content on line, and invite your comments and questions here or in the chat room.  One note of caution:  overall market statistics, like those being released today by the Mass. Association of Realtors, are often too broad to translate into meaningful information at the local level. That’s one of the reasons chat participants with different perspectives — both geographically and with respect to their opinion about the housing bubble — are welcome.  (As always, you can also call our reader line to record your own sound bite:  617-876-2117 for potential use in a future podcast.)

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PatrickNet: Comprehensive analysis of Housing market crash

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Send me a voice message

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Boston bubble bloggers begin meeting OFFLINE

Fellow Boston bubble bloggers,

Over the past few months, a number of us have corresponded about getting together OFFLINE with other bubble bloggers in Boston / New England.  If getting together for one or both of the proposed events below make sense to you and your blog readers, feel free to pass this on or link to it.

1st Boston bubble blogger meeting:  Exploratory meeting for "citizen journalists"

Several Boston bubble bloggers have confirmed their participation in the following.  If your schedule permits, join us for any of these three:

1.  Starbucks (Mass. Ave & Wendell St. in Cambridge) from 6:30-6:55pm;
2.  Berkman Center (see link for location) from 7:00pm to 8:00 or 8:30pm.
3.  Optional discussion over coffee / dinner afterwards, (Maybe Darwin’s, JohnnyDs, or another location.  Call cell phone 617-388-5818 to confirm.)

Berkman’s guest speaker from Newsvine should help all of us get more visibility for our individual blogs and enhance our mutual goal, as independent citizen journalists, of informing consumers about real estate market trends in Greater Boston / Massachusetts.

2nd Bubble Blogger meeting:  Reviewing & analyzing MAR stats

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Bubblicious: Looking at the U.S. Real Estate Market
    by Seth Sandronsky

eyes are on the U.S. real estate market.  "During the past five years, home
prices have risen at an annual rate of 9.2 percent," according to the 2006 Economic Report of the President
released on February 13. Was this growth normal?  We need the historical
context of home price increases to answer this question.


The media
coverage of the report sidestepped the historical context altogether.  For
the relevant historical data on recent home prices, we turn to economist
Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC.


the post-war period 1950 to 1995, house prices grew at approximately the
same rate as the prices of other goods and services,"
Baker wrote last July.

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Realty Times – Agent News and Advice

Real Estate Industry Owes Zillow Debt Of Thanks:
Realty Times – Agent News and Advice.

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Realty Times – Agent News and Advice

Is A Home Auction Right For You?:
Realty Times – Agent News and Advice.

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Happiest music in the world

Link: | Portland Tribune.

“You can’t listen to zydeco and be unhappy,” she says. “It’s the happiest music in the world.”

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D-I-Y: Homebrew map

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