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Buyers run the full spectrum from delegation buyers, who WANT a professional shopper to do the work, to a web-savvy generation of do-it-yourself buyers who don’t even want agents to accompany them to private showings.  In their eagerness to make the process more efficient, DIY buyers should be careful not to inadvertently reward the listing agent with a two-sides commission by going directly to them.  The industry is changing and an increasing diverse full menu of options and menu of fees exist for buyers and sellers.  If you want to be rewarded for doing some of the work yourself, find a fee-for-service real estate consultant, like our company, The Real Estate Cafe, that offers rebates to buyers. 

On the otherhand, if you are interested in one of the homes listed by ListforLess.com, or other listing entry only services that allow you to save money by working directly to the seller, we’d be glad to provide limited advise on an hourly fee outside the sales price.

Pat, if this sounds like shameless self-promotion, please feel free to delete this post.

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