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Blogpressure1_2For the past 50 days, The Real Estate Cafe has been living it’s own
case study, trying to find out whether blogging really influences how
many people visit our site.  Yes, during our mini-sabbatical, we’ve been
working on some exciting things behind the scenes and collecting lots
of audio files for a podcast.  And yes, we were interviewed by the
Center for Realtor Technology (even though we are NOT Realtors) for
their report on blogging in real estate which was released today.
But most importantly, we participated in
RadioOpenSource.org‘s program on "The Beginning of the End of the Real
Estate Bubble
," and two clips from our real estate bubble audio time
were played on the national broadcast (which was their first on XM
radio!  Exciting!)

Truth be told, we have also been suffering (at least tongue in cheek)
from "Bloggers Depression."  But after reading this remarkable publication, complete with reassuring
illustrations like the one above, it’s a relief to know we are not
alone and that we no longer need to suffer in silence!

So a word to the wise.  Any Realtors reading this who think they can
jump into the blogosphere and see an immediate surge in their Google rankings and online
leads, be forwarded that creating "the ultimate traffic-building tool," as the Center for Realtor Technology (CRT) calls it, may come at the cost:  your free time (what
free time, right?) and mental health.  Posting daily takes
discipline and diligence, and if you stop you may experience the same
thing we have:

Our pageviews have dropped 90 percent in the
last 50 days. 

Bottomline:  Consumers, both buyers and sellers, and looking for
local experts who can provide timely, credible insight into their
market.  In a town where "publish or perish" is the mantra for faculty
hiring committees and junior faculty alike, the new buzz words for
would be real estate bloggers is "post or perish." 

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