Do-it-yourself retirement

Over the course of the past hundred years, the average life expectancy has gone from forty-something to seventy-something.  Baby boomers are now envisioning 85 to 100 year life span, and many of us are wondering if we can afford not to work, and whether that would be an interesting lifestyle.  The average retiree watches 43 hours of TV per week!

Retirement was started in the ’30’s not to create a leisure class, but because 25% of young people were unemployed.  Retirement allowed younger workers to replace older workers, and to begin their economic lives.  That condition no longer exists, so the nature of retirement is changing. 

Employers will begin to create more flexible forms of retirement so people can continue to work part-time.

50 and 60 year old will begin to retrain themselves and start whole new careers. 
Lots of people up and down the ladder to contribute to society.

Comparing the U.S. to other countries, Americans are most likely to be involved in financial considerations, and second least likely to expect their children to care for them in retirement.

Our "do-it-for-yourself" culture is motivating people to provide for themselves. 

Ken Duckwell (check spelling), Age Wave

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