Beyond MLS matches: Developing filters to recommend housing choices in new communities


I am thinking of adding an open source playpen on The Real Estate Cafe’s blog to invite change agents and real estate technologists to brainstorm about consumer friendly innovations and open source collaborations.  Here’s an example of the kind of post I’d like to make… what’s your take?

According to NPR’s WeekendAmerica segment on "The Culture Filter Machine," there is so much information online now that people want someone to help them sort through it all. Technologists are exploring new ways to watch your behavior and develop "filters" to match your preferences., for example, uses your purchases and recent purchasers by others with similar interests to help make recommendations to you. 

Could this model be applied to real estate?  Is it possible to use your search profiles to develop filters to refer you to new properties or communities?  Beyond your own preferences, would it be possible to develop search profiles from similar buyers to make recommendations for you? 

To get some ideas, look at how these new matching models are already being used in the music industry: has developed proprietary music analysis technologies capable of identifying music preferences of a user or the whole current recorded music market and intelligently selecting music to recommend to the user or to release as a single.

Our technology not only allows similarities to be identified between existing successful music and unreleased or unsigned music, but can  also use that data to identify emerging trends as the music landscape changes.

If something similar were developed for home buyers, what kind of dream
functionality would you like to see?  How would it differ from the daily email updates thousands of buyers receive every morning from the MLS and

Bonus question:  If you’re a builder, developer, or real estate agent / broker, what kind of functionality would you like to see to help you decide what to build or renovate next?

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