Bubble Hour debating society

If you missed it on NPR’s All Things Considered this evening, here’s a link to the audio file about “Intelligence Squared:  The London’s Debating Dating Society”

Cheers and what would you think if The Real Estate Cafe hosted a weekly Bubble Hour, offering to debate anyone about whether there is a real estate bubble in Boston?

If most forwarded news stories are any indication of what people are talking about, it’s no surprise that Intelligence Squared has debated the sexual revolution, but not the real estate bubble across the pond. Sounds high brow, if an off color topic. http://www.intelligencesquared.com/event_past.php?d=20050621

In contrast, not sure if you could say the same thing about Boston.com’s most forwarded email. Sorry reflection of the world we live in, or just an indication of the therapeudic role of humor in a world in a world desparately in need of laughter.

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