1st Annual Real Estate Fleece Buster Awards

Honor former Senator William Proxmire (confirm name) famed for his Golden Fleece awards, but calling for nominations for the first annual Real Estate Fleece Busters Award for truly acting in the public interest in their efforts to enhance competition in the real estate industry (link to the Washington Post article.).

Honorary Nomination:  Fr. Robert McEwen (sp?) first president of the Consumer Federation of America.


1.  DOJ

2.  FTC

3.  Inman News

4.  Wall Street Journal

5.  Founders of Future of Real Estate

6.  Flat fee service vendors, particularly those who are the leading listing agents in their respective markets

7.  Attorney generals monitoring real estate fraud

8.  Everyone who submitted comments to the DOJ / FTC public comment process.

9.  Retiring chair of House Financial Service Committee

10.  Technology innovators who continually develop new business models designed to save real estate consumers time and money.

11.  Authors of Freaknomics

Emeritus:  Alan Greenspan, who first proposed that banks be allowed to provide real estate brokerage services

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