MLS listings vs price reductions by price range across Massachusetts in 2005

Sf_2005listedvsreduced_112405_1This graph shows the number of single family homes listed across
Massachusetts in MLSPin compared to the number of price reductions by price range
through Thanksgiving, 11/24/2005 (click on image for larger view). Scroll down or click here to compare the number of markdowns this year versus last, but be sure to note the bar chart’s change in scale:  14,000 properties this year versus 12,000 last year.  If that sounds too confusing, sign-up for our RSS feed to automatically receive tomorrow’s graph
which will compare reductions side-by-side for each price range. 

We’re eager to know what kinds of bargains you are seeing in the market, and what kinds
of questions you would like to discuss on our blog or offline at one of our upcoming Boston Realty Parties (watch for more details).  In the meantime, post your comments below or call our reader line,
617-876-2117, to record a brief message for potential use in The
Real Estate Cafe’s podcast

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