Teaching points from Best of Breed real estate blog

Wow, just discovered a new best of breed real estate blog with lots of teaching points, intelligent posts, and good / timely data: .

1.  Their market updates were the first thing to catch my eye.  Google and other search engines, not to mention buyers and sellers LOVE information, which is probably why this post was picked up by HousingBubble2:  Northern Virginia Real Estate Guide: UNOFFICIAL September Data.  These guys have posted 20 market updates, which appears to be about 14/ to 1/5th of all their listings.  (Curiously, they have nearly as many featured listings.)

2.  Reading their "Agent or Consultant" post made me think we are fellow real estate consultants, rather than traditional listing agents:

3.  Next, looks like they share our experience when you can talk intelligently about the housing bubble.  Why do blogs who post about the real estate bubble get so many hits? 

We are one of the few (or only) agents that provide data and commentary
on the real estate market in Loudoun County, Virginia via our blog. Our
commentary is based on trends in data, anecdotal evidence picked up
from talking to other local agents as well as our own real world
observations. We don’t sugar coat it.

4.  If you love real estate statistics, got to love their graphs and charts.  Wonder if they are creating their own graphics, or lifting them from MRIS?  Particularly the market snap shot?

5.  Finally, their clients only blog section is intriguing.  We could do the same easily since I routine post items to the GroupHub for clients, that never make it to the full blog because they are too rough.  We should checkout how they organize the client information to see if there is a way for us to get clients to talk to each other, either in person or online.

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