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Link: PanoMan.

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Your audience knows more than you | The News is

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Mass. home sales slide 11% in a year – The Boston Globe – – Business

Link: Mass. home sales slide 11% in a year – The Boston Globe – – Business.

”We’ve got a flashing yellow light," Bill Wendel, owner of the Real Estate Cafe in Cambridge, said about April and May sales.

”Supply is going up, demand is going down, and we’re still at record-low interest rates. When these rates go up," he said, ”sellers are going to have trouble."

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James Fallows on NPR’s MarketPlace

James Fallows on NPR’s MarketPlace.  If you had to imagine on thing beginning the chain of dominos, it’s the dollar.  What’s holding it up, is a sense by the Chinese that they have to subsidize our buying power to keep things going.

When the dollar falls, then suddenly, people cannot sell their houses. 

Then you have this cycle.

What’s to blame?  This is something most Americans are benefitting from.  For an aging population, we are outsaving our savings.  Looking back, for example, on the 9/11 crisis,

Oil now costs about a dollar and half more than

The fundamentals of the economy are now being…

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Bad moon rising: Should home buyers & sellers start “Freaking out?”

Foreclosure_moon2First the serious news:  The appearance of rogue economists Steven Levin and Stephen Dubner, coauthors of Freakonomics, on NBC’s Today Show has sparked a controversy that has the National Association of Realtors firing back
and offering their chief economist or association president to rebut allegations that Realtors work
harder to get the highest price for their own properties, than they do
for clients who they too often sell short.

Now the weird news, or should we say "Freaky?"  NASA’s web site  says…

This week’s full
moon hangs lower in the sky than any full moon since June 1987, so the Moon
is going to be extra strong."

Makes me wonder if there is a connection between
the Moon Illusion and housing prices.  The last housing cycle peaked around 1987, marking a turning point which
saw prices slide through the early 1990’s in many housing markets across the

So if home buyers and sellers are looking for a sign that the housing
market has peaked, and the Boston Globe’s recent series of headlines on foreclosures haven’t already freaked them out, what do you bet that history will recognize this year’s summer solstice as a celestial tipping point in hindsight?

Many people have heard about money-making Ponzi Schemes, invented here in Boston in 1919, but who would guess that was six years AFTER something called the Ponzo Illusion — the phenomena behind the Moon Illusion — was discovered?  Both
things appear larger than they really are; in one case, the moon and in the
other case, return on investments — like real estate in today’s
market!  Who would guess
that real estate cycles are tied to cosmic events like decade-long
lunar cycles?  😉  Freaky!

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Dog Days of Summer

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From froth to foreclosures: You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Less than a month after Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan first used the word "froth" to describe overheated housing markets, a new "f" word is stealing the headlines in Boston Globe:  Foreclosures!

During the last two days, the Boston Globe has run seven stories — count em, SEVEN stories! — on foreclosures in the main and regional versions of the paper.  The lead story on Saturday, June 18, 2005 — Foreclosure filings jump in Mass. as home values soar — was the fourth Boston Globe front page story on real estate in the past six weeks.

A second Associated Press story appeared on Saturday, State foreclosure filings jump 28 percent in early part of year, followed by regional versions in Sunday’s paper (see list of links below).  According to the Globe:

Secretary of State William Galvin listed numerous factors in
the sharp increase in foreclosures, including high housing prices,
lenders’ willingness to give loans without a major downpayment and
people’s desires to own something priced beyond their means.

you tie all these factors together … you have a recipe for disaster,"
said Galvin, whose office oversees the registries of deeds in most of
the state’s 14 counties.

Headlines in regional editions of the Boston Sunday Globe on June 19, 2005 mirrored Galvin’s comment:

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Do-it-yourself retirement

Over the course of the past hundred years, the average life expectancy has gone from forty-something to seventy-something.  Baby boomers are now envisioning 85 to 100 year life span, and many of us are wondering if we can afford not to work, and whether that would be an interesting lifestyle.  The average retiree watches 43 hours of TV per week!

Retirement was started in the ’30’s not to create a leisure class, but because 25% of young people were unemployed.  Retirement allowed younger workers to replace older workers, and to begin their economic lives.  That condition no longer exists, so the nature of retirement is changing. 

Employers will begin to create more flexible forms of retirement so people can continue to work part-time.

50 and 60 year old will begin to retrain themselves and start whole new careers. 
Lots of people up and down the ladder to contribute to society.

Comparing the U.S. to other countries, Americans are most likely to be involved in financial considerations, and second least likely to expect their children to care for them in retirement.

Our "do-it-for-yourself" culture is motivating people to provide for themselves. 

Ken Duckwell (check spelling), Age Wave

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Bubble babble

Sign of the times or self-fulfilling prophecy?
John Naisbitt (Megatrends, et al) used to count media mentions to track
trends. On June 10, the New York Times ran a graphic counting the
number of "major world newspaper" bubble features that had been
published in the days of May: 0 in 2001; 18 in 2002; 20 in 2003 (a
relative plateau); 35 in 2004; and more than double that to 77 in 2005
(and Fed Chief Alan Greenspan only weighed in with his "froth" concerns
on May 20). Will the babble break the brawny housing bubble? Or is it
just chit-chat chatter?
–Christina B. Farnsworth

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